Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easel made out of?
The easel is made from WBP Birch Ply

What are the display easel dimensions?
Easel width – 72cm, Easel length – 184cm, Easel folded 92.5cm.
Display board – A1, 59.4cm x 84.1cm.

What is the distance from the bottom of the display board to the ground once the display easel is set up?
From the bottom of the display board to the ground – 84.5cm Widest point between front legs – 58cm.

Is the display easel easy to store?
Yes. It arrives in a custom made, strong cardboard box which can be used to keep the easel in when not in use. The easel folds in half so takes up little room.

How do I fix my plaque on to the display easel?
The display board has a support strip of wood that runs along the bottom so the plaque can just rest upon the display board. Alternatively the lighter weight plaques can be fixed by simply using adhesive pads/tape. For heavier plaques we recommend that they are screwed onto the board.

Once the unveiling curtains have been opened how much display board is revealed?
There is approximately 71cm of board revealed

Does the days hire charge include setting up the day before?
Yes. We like to get your order to you several days before an event so you have plenty of time to set up and practice.

Will I need to arrange the return of the hired items?
No, we organise the courier to pick up any hired items the day after the event. Pack the items back in the box that they were delivered in, tape it up and we will do the rest.

If I am purchasing a display easel or plaque unveiling stand how quickly will I receive my order?
Usually within 24 hours of placing the order. We dispatch Monday – Thursday.

If I order the plaque unveiling stand are the curtains permanently fixed to the display board once they have been put on?
No. The curtains are hung from a track that is screwed onto the display board. The board can be used without curtains by unscrewing the track.

What size is the unveiling drape?
The unveiling drape is 154cm x 130cm.

What is the maximum weight plaque the plaque unveiling stand can hold?
We have successfully tested the stand with a 35 kg weight placed on the display board, however plaques or other items placed on the easel are entirely at your own risk.