Does your wedding easel need updating? Pictured here with the lovely James Blunt our beautiful wedding easel comes with an A1 display board designed to hold seating plans with ease. The easel is available to hire or purchase.  Please email if you would like further information.

A lovely photo of Gordon Brown officially opening Panmure House, the former home of Adam Smith.  The house had been purchased by Edinburgh Business School in 2008 with the aim of conserving and developing the house as a centre of excellence for the study of contemporary economics, a place of reflection on the legacy of world renowned economist Adam Smith, and […]

So for all you spirit drinkers out there we have just received this photo from William Grant and Sons, the luxury spirits company.  We supplied a plaque unveiling drape for their naming of the stills event and the stills can be seen in this photo, with the name being unveiled by stillman Alan Rimmer. Many thanks to William Grant and Sons for […]

No Ordinary Easel can now be found on Instagram! We will be sharing photos of many of the lovely events we work on and will also be giving you a sneek peek into some of the future projects that we have planned along with the odd storey and no doubt a sprinkling of behind the scenes antics for good measure. You […]

We are very proud to be able to work with many universities and colleges all over the country, with the numerous prestigious ceremonies and events that take place within their walls throughout the year. Hilary Clinton at Swansea university was a particularly memorable occasion and this photograph is one of our favourites. The former US secretary of state was awarded […]

Lovely pictures from Cambridge University of Julia King, Baroness Brown of Cambridge officially opening the Henry Royce  Institute facilities.  We have worked with many Universities over the years and always feel very proud when we see the end results. If you have an event coming up that you would like us to assist you with, you can rest assured that we […]

I can’t believe it’s already October and I am writing about an event that happened all the way back in June, but as the 14th June 2018 was such a special day for us at No Ordinary Easel I am working on the better late than never theory.  We were absolutely thrilled to be involved with the Queen and Meghan’s […]

We are so used to seeing our easel dressed in curtains or drapes that it’s easy to forget how great it looks err well naked! This photo shows the easel at Lakes College, Cumbria where earlier this month the National College for Nuclear was officially opened ready to train the future generation of Nuclear Scientists and Engineers. The official opening was […]

Happy New Year! To start 2018 in a cheery way we are pleased to announce that we now have added extra colours to both our unveiling curtains and unveiling drape ranges.  The drapes are now available in royal blue, bottle green, red and purple silk. The unveiling curtains now come in red, blue, green, purple and gold velvet.  Both ranges […]

Christmas Party Day today at No Ordinary Easel HQ all  be it over Skype!  Massive thanks as always to the one and only Joanna Browne for all her help and hard work this year, would be utterly lost without her – time to put your feet up now Jo and enjoy a well deserved rest. Wishing all our customers and […]